New School Year, New Motivation: Get In The Back To School Groove, Student Or Not

New School Year, New Motivation: Get In The Back To School Groove, Student Or Not

This year is more than halfway through and chances are you’ve maybe kept half of your New Year’s resolutions. Luckily there’s a new year right around the corner—a new school year—giving you another chance to get back on track.

Regardless of how long you’ve been out of school, there’s still something about back-to-school season that’s exciting and inspiring, making it the perfect time to get into a productive swing with the feeling of a fresh start. Capitalizing on the countless back-to-school deals can make it even easier to get motivated. Here’s a few ideas of ways you can turn back-to-school into back-to-you.

1. Get Into A Routine

We all remember when summer came to a close and it was time to get into our school routines. Well, why can’t you do that now? Get your hands on a planner, sit down, and budget your time accordingly. Pencil in the musts—work, meetings, etc.—and then fill in the blanks with gym time or other activities that help you decompress. Chances are, if you write it down and look at it every day, it’s a schedule you’ll stick to. Getting into a routine can help with your budgeting, too. If you dedicate Tuesday afternoons to grocery shopping, you’re less likely to make several stops throughout the week that can really add up.

2. Organize Your Finances

Now is the time to stock up on binders, notebooks, and dividers, so you can get your financial paperwork in order. Similarly to preparing your FAFSA in college, start to get your files for taxes ready now so you won’t be scrambling come April 15th. Your accountant will appreciate it, and if you file yourself, it’ll save you a big headache in the spring. Having your bills and other paperwork in one place will make it easier to keep track of your expenses and income. Use your new notebooks to figure out a budget and incorporate that into your routine. Sometimes the hardest part is deciding when to implement a budget—and there’s no time like a new school year!

3. Try Something New

The start of a school year means the start of extracurricular activities, which can apply to your post-education life. If you’ve always wanted to try something new, perhaps cooking or Zumba, now’s the time to give it a go. Adult classes are available at most community centers or places dedicated to certain crafts. If you’ve been laid off, this could prove especially helpful in opening your eyes to a new passion and potentially a new a career. Taking a night class at a local college could also prove useful; taking a personal finance class could potentially help you save down the road. The possibilities are endless in terms of class options, so don’t hold yourself back.

4. Eat Healthy

Cafeteria food? No thank you. While it’s good to be past the days of pizza lunches and chicken nugget snacks, lunch is still a major meal and one where you can save on both calories and cash. The Let’s Move campaign is geared toward a healthier youth, giving schools and parents ideas on how to better feed children, but you can tailor the idea into a healthier you. The campaign’s site offers weekly recipes that you can use as healthy lunch alternatives for yourself and your family with easy-to-follow instructional videos. Lunch is a great place to start when working to stay in shape, and September 1st will serve just as well as January.


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