New Facebook Lets Us Reach Out, But Do We Want To? [Slide Show!]

Try As We Might, With Foursquare And Facebook We're Never Alone.

Too loyal to Facebook to use Foursquare? Your troubles are over: Facebook has just released its “Places” feature, which allows users to check in to a location à la Foursquare, but also to tag friends who accompany them. An additional feature, “Here Too,” allows these users to check and see who else is presently there. As of now, the program is only available for the iPhone.

Cool, huh? But it presents us with a bit of a quandary: What if we don’t want our friends to know where we are? Not every evening can be spent at an Arcade Fire concert or reception at the Princeton Club. Sometimes, we have to be just a tad uncool… and in that case, we’ll have to set the iPhone aside.

Check out our slideshow of 10 places that we’ll keep out of Places.

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Tell us in the comments: Will you use Facebook Places?

  • Jaclyn

    I am one of those people (which I am sure 99% of most FB users are) that are “Friends” with people on Facebook that A.) I haven't met in real life and B.) Have met a couple times but wouldn't consider them “friends”, merely acquaintances. I am a user that has opt out of this feature, both checking myself into Places and allowing my friends to do so. Do I want an ex or a complete stranger knowing I am at the restaurant down the street, or am not home late at night? No, thanks. I'm sticking with 4SQ!

  • LVlove

    I don’t use FourSquare OR Places. It’s creepy! Plus, anyone who needs to know where I am knows already… because I told them. Don’t we generally regard tracking devices as bad things?