Need Some New Healthy Snacks? Check Out These LearnVester Favorites

The Best Part About Snacks? Sharing!Earlier this week, we spelled out both the monetary and caloric costs from common junk foods. Based on the average data compiled in a handy-dandy infographic from Visual Economics, we learned that halving our consumption of these treats could save us as much as $855 per year!

Fill The Void

But how does a hungry LearnVester fill the empty space left by her favorite pizza? We asked, both on Facebook and our blog, and you clued us in to your favorite yummy-but-healthy treats. It looks like fruit is a big winner, but you’re getting creative: pairing it with peanut butter, Nutella, and chocolate. It’s to be admired, this combination of nutrients and deliciousness.

Take A Peek Into The Pantry

LearnVesters, in a tribute to your snacking ingenuity, we’ve compiled a slideshow of ten savory snacks suggested by fabulous commenters. Click through and enjoy, but be forewarned—you might get a little hungry.

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See a favorite? Think you have a better idea? Leave it in the comments!

  • Jon

    My favorite healthy snack is a piece of grilled chicken! It has barely any calories!

    • El Capitan

      Dark chocolate, 70% cocoa or more. It's a super food.

    • SugaRFiend

      You must not have a sweet tooth — the only way chicken would hold any appeal to me is if it were made of chocolate.

  • El Capitan

    Dark chocolate, 70% cocoa or more. It's a super food.

  • Lisa Gordon

    For a savory snack that's like a meal I break open a can of tuna and mash it with a ripe avocado. On a few wasa crackers and you're good to go.

    Sweet snack – Definitely dark chocolate! It's so sweet that you don't eat too much but it hits the spot!