Need Cash? Odd Side Jobs To Help Build Your Money Fund

Need Cash? Odd Side Jobs To Help Build Your Money Fund

If your grandmother lived through the Great Depression, she probably won’t want to hear about how some people are getting through the Great Recession by babysitting chickens. Yes, you heard us. For $15 a visit, two women in Portland, Oregon, will watch over your chickens with their company Just Us Hens. Isn’t that what neighbors were for?

Way back when, walking the dog, checking the mail, feeding the cat, and watering the plants were things chummy neighbors did for each other when one family went away. Not anymore. All of these ‘side jobs’ that were once done at no cost are now tasks that can earn someone with an entrepreneurial spirit some cash.

Like the neighborhood kid who mows lawns and walks dogs, there are plenty of other side jobs to contemplate when you’re looking for ways to make some extra money, whether it’s to put your kid through college or to buy that iPad you’ve been eyeing since April.

Here are a few interesting ones that caught our attention:

Do Someone Else’s Chores

At, you can bid in an auction-style format to do such work as review websites and take online surveys for someone else.

Kick Off Your (Foot) Modeling Career

Your partner says you have beautiful hands, but are they beautiful enough to make you a model? Hands, feet, legs, whatever you want to show off… there’s a potential part-time job out there. Just don’t pay any upfront fees to anyone promising to make you a star.

Become A Doll Doctor

If you’re handy with small tools and know what makes a doll look good, this could be your calling, at least for some extra cash. Customers can send dolls to you, and in a few days you can have some money for a hobby that might turn out fun.

Test Odors

Ever wonder who makes sure that all deodorants smell normal and work properly? Why, an odor tester, of course. These brave individuals (chemists, actually) make sure that the deodorants don't smell funky and rake in $55 an hour.

Write Fortune Cookie Messages

If you find inspiration easily, writing up fortunes might be a path to consider. Cramming a powerful idea into one sentence can be a challenge, but with your tweeting skills, it shouldn't be too difficult.

What's the weirdest job you (or someone you know) ever had? Leave us a comment.


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