LearnVesters Weigh In: Alternative Places To Find Your Engagement Ring

LearnVesters Weigh In: Alternative Places To Find Your Engagement Ring

A LearnVester's very own alternative engagement ring--a family heirloom with a colored stone!

In Friday’s LearnVest Daily, we took a peek at the cost of an engagement ring today. Are people really spending two months’ salary on a rock? No way, Jose.

We know that when it comes to choosing a ring, a lot of couples put a great deal of importance on finding the right one. We wanted to explore your options when deciding what the “right one” is. Surely, your perfect stone does not have to be a $3,000 diamond from Tiffany & Co.

What do LearnVesters think? We wanted to hear about all of the creative ways to find an engagement ring without spending the big bucks…and we got tons of feedback! A lot of viewers, including brookeberman, mentioned antique rings. Aside from being a little bit different and unique, these rings can be far more affordable. We really liked this suggestion. Tons of rings really do look alike—but they don’t have to. That’s why we asked on our Facebook page if anyone knows someone who opted for a colored stone, instead of a diamond. We liked one suggestion from frugalnhappy about using your birthstone for the center stone. A bit more personal.

Another great suggestion: Family heirlooms. These come with great sentimental value since they’ve been passed down within the family, and, not to mention, they come at no cost.

Keep the comments coming! We want to provide all LearnVesters with the best options when it comes to spending their money. Instead of shelling out the cash for something they’ve always thought they needed to buy, we’re interested in exploring other ways to use that money.

What do you think? Where are you going to look when it comes to finding a ring?


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