Is Grad School The New Study Abroad?

Is Grad School The New Study Abroad?

In the midst of the incredibly depressing job situation (including, but not limited to, the 9.5% unemployment rate), Americans are getting creative about boosting their credentials. Some go back to school—and some go away to school.

The New Study Abroad Experience

Now that the land of opportunity is offering limited opportunities, an increasing number of graduate students are seeking both an education and employment abroad. The Wall Street Journal reports that in order to accommodate the needs international companies, American MBA students (who have traditionally explored European programs) are flocking to Asia.

How Much For An MBA?

Cost is the least of many students’ concerns. A significant number of students pursuing MBAs are doing so with financial backing from their employers. For this reason, the one-year program abroad can be more appealing than the traditional American two-year model. Essentially, once a student has decided to continue schooling, prestige and perspective outweigh price.

Another Degree Doesn’t Guarantee A Job

Whether or not you’re considering returning to school (we’re not sure that lectures hold much of an appeal any more), there are still ways to become—or continue being—a valued employee. Looking and acting like a professional, taking advantage of networking opportunities, and understanding what you’re worth as an employee can make you an invaluable member of a team. And if not? Perhaps you can work for yourself.


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