Google Voice Adds A New Trick To Your Inbox: Phone Calls

Google Voice Adds A New Trick To Your Inbox: Phone Calls

It’s here! Communication no longer needs to be limited to one channel at a time—the makers of Gmail and Gchat have expanded into Google Voice, the Skype-like service that allows us to use our computers to dial phones.

It’s Phone And Email In One

Google Voice has just launched its invitation-free version and allows free calls in the U.S. and Canada, with relatively low overseas charges. All charges are transparent—they’re listed out here. It also allows text messages to up to five recipients at a time, designated “do not disturb” timeslots where calls go straight to voicemail, keyboard shortcuts for tasks like placing calls, and a Google number that can be used through Blackberry and Android phones. To operate Google Voice, you must install the voice and video plugin. As with most Google features, Voice has its own blog as well.

The Magic Word Makes Our Decision For Us

We’ve written before on our favorite ways to stay in touch with friends and family though technology, and we’re not going to lie: the idea of linking our two favorite methods of communication is massively appealing. We even see the magic word: free! Free calls from our laptop as we sort through emails and maintain three to five GChat windows? It's just what our over-stimulated brains crave.

Tell us in the comments: Would you (or do you already) use Google Voice?


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