From The Web To Wall Street: The 99ers Rally For Unemployment Benefits

From The Web To Wall Street: The 99ers Rally For Unemployment Benefits

Fed up with their current living situations, the long-term unemployed are heading to Wall Street Thursday.

For many of us, it feels like all we talk about is unemployment. We know in this depressing job situation, the 9.5% unemployment rate is devastating, and all of us know at least one person (if not many) who has been laid off. Still, the 99ers feel “invisible” according to a piece from Associated Content.

Who Are The 99ers?

The 99ers refer to those Americans who remain jobless after their unemployment benefits and emergency extensions have long run out (99 being the maximum number of weeks for unemployment payouts). Sure, setting aside emergency funds and preparing for an unexpected job loss can save individuals from getting into trouble. But with a job market this dire, the estimated 1.4 million 99ers are struggling.

Not Lazy: The Unemployed Want To Work

On Wednesday, Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow introduced a new bill: The Americans Want To Work Act. One of the most important measures would be to include a Tier 5 of additional benefits for those who have exhausted their unemployment insurance with 20 additional weeks (in states with 7.5% or higher unemployment).

Taking It To Wall Street

What started off an online approach to gain momentum (using blogs and other chat forums) has turned into a political rally. Americans want to work and desperately need jobs. But in the meantime, the 1.4 million need to be able to stay afloat.

Beat the distressing effects of unemployment and check out the LV Checklist for losing your job. Take a deep breath. We’ll help you get back on your feet. Make sure you keep yourself informed of the current situation, and know how unemployment rates (even if you still are lucky enough to have your job) might affect you.


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