Free, Summer Evening Event: Meteor Shower Tonight!

Free, Summer Evening Event: Meteor Shower Tonight!

What better way to enjoy this summer evening than with some free entertainment? By entertainment, we mean a gorgeous meteor shower.

Those beautiful, mystical meteors are really nothing more than debris shed from comets as they orbit the Sun. Romantic, we know. According to Sky and Telescope Magazine, the Perseid meteor shower comes around annually, but is really only visible once every three years on a moonless night.

A sunset picnic is one of our favorite cheap, summer date ideas. We love the idea of cuddling close outdoors to keep our loving strong but our wallets large. Make sure you get yourself (and your hot date) a great viewing spot to see the show. If you live in a big city, try to head out to a nearby rural area if you can get away, since you don’t want to fight with that light pollution. Lifehacker has a few other tips for some serious meteor watchers. But with a dark spot and an open sky view, all you really need are a few blankets and snacks to stay up late and meteor-gaze.

If you’d rather turn the evening into a competition, try counting the meteors you see and report it to the International Meteor Organization (apparently, amateur viewings help out meteor studies quite a bit).

Happy Thursday!

Where are you going to watch the meteor shower tonight? Leave us a comment!

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