Egg Recall Numbers Keep Growing: Avoid Salmonella, Here’s What To Look For

Egg Recall Numbers Keep Growing: Avoid Salmonella, Here’s What To Look For

Our mothers always told us to never to lick the cookie batter while we baked. “Salmonella,” she would say, while we stole the wooden spoon and scavenged what we could. Turns out, salmonella is pretty serious, and is the reason for the recent government recall of 380 million eggs (and counting). If you were wondering what signs of salmonella looked like, just check out this slideshow.

As we’ve seen with all of this year’s recalls, even our most reliable products can fail us. The eggs in question come from Wright Country Egg company, based in Iowa, but were sold in a number of different retail stores under different brands.

We want to make sure you aren’t cooking up any bad eggs, so here’s what to look for:

  • The end of each carton is stamped with a ‘P’—the affected cartons say either P1720 or P1942.
  • This stamp is followed by a 3-digit number marking the date: if yours falls within the range of 136 to 229, you’re looking at some recalled eggs.
  • Bring the carton back to the store where they were purchased for a full refund.

Not sure how your eggs should be refrigerated? Wondering how long eggs are safe to eat after purchase? Head to the Egg Safety Center for a full education on one of our favorite food staples.

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