Clorox, 7-Up, Heineken: Check Out How These 10 Ad Campaigns (Mis)Targeted Women (Slideshow!)

This Ad Managed To Be Insulting And Irrelevant.

A recent ad providing eight tips on how a woman should ask for a raise didn’t begin with being on time or focusing on how she has improved the bottom line, but rather with using Summer’s Eve feminine hygiene product. What the advertisers seemed not to realize is how inappropriate—and unrelated to anyone’s professional lives—their “advice” really was.

For obvious reasons, the “advertorial” in Woman’s Day magazine was pulled and its brand manager apologized for the ad, saying the company has the “ost respect for women.”

Such strange—and insulting—career advice tops our list of top advertising blunders aimed at women. Here are 9 more:

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Tell us in the comments: Which mismanaged ad campaigns get under your skin?

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  • The best is Sarah Haskins in Target Women:

  • Bone Daddy

    hey woman ……lighten up…

  • Lholland003

    I think the lady doth protest too much- about the wrong thing. For instance, shaving AT ALL as a part of hygiene is a myth, so the topiary thing is pretty much a natural extension (pun not intended) of that 100 year old myth campaign. Most of these ads, actually, arefor products that aren’t actually needed by anyone — so the WAY in which they were presented vis-a-vis your feminity upsets you? How about the fact that they were created in the first place to fit an insecurity rather than a need? That’s what gets my goat.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for your comment. Yep, many products don’t serve an actual need but indeed for an insecurity. Cheers, Caroline, Chief Content & Community Officer at LearnVest

  • WhyIKill

    Lets not forget the Ford Probe, the badge engineered version of the Mazda MX-6. Great little cars. Women would buy the MX-6. The Probe, not so much.

    • Anonymous

      Your commenter name kind of scares me! Cheers, Caroline, Chief Content & Community Officer at LearnVest

  • Guest

    as a female i am offended… that this article is making it look like females get offended too easily. these aren’t offensive or degrading advertising campaigns. One of the product that is attacked is a diaper for women, because the author doesn’t want to think about a problem that many older women have. As for the rest, if that’s what your mind jumps to when you see these ads, maybe you’re the one with the problem.

  • LVlove

    The Reebok Shape-Ups shoes. For goodness sake…nnAnd also, I think it’s really easy, as a woman, to take offense. But these campaigns aren’t only offensive (because in that case, they’re missing about 200 more), but just…wrong. As though the advertisers never actually asked a woman.

  • Annoyed_lady

    Honestly I am over the “dumb husband” commercials…why is it ok to insult them when we as women would protest if we were portrayed as incompetent?

    • Anonymous

      Right there with you. It’s overplayed. Cheers, Caroline, Chief Content & Community Officer at LearnVest

  • Agreed! I gave the link to the Sarah Haskins thing in an earlier comment, but actually has a really funny segment on the incompetent husbands…

  • Anonymous

    Can’t say that I take offense at any of these ads. I’m amused by the suggestion to mix 7up and milk… don’t even want to imagine what that tastes like. nnI can’t believe someone was able to write an article on a razor ad as it relates to a bikini line and somehow use it for academic credit or toward an advanced degree??

    • Anonymous

      I think I had 7up and milk as a kid… not bad!nYou should see what people can get academic credit for these days! The interns last summer were telling us about some of the papers they had written for school. Insanen Cheers, Caroline, Chief Content & Community Officer at LearnVest