A Tip From The JetBlue Flight Attendant: Don’t Slide Down The Chute When Stressed Like Steven Slater

A Tip From The JetBlue Flight Attendant: Don’t Slide Down The Chute When Stressed Like Steven Slater

By now, you've probably heard about that JetBlue flight attendant who lost his cool at JFK Airport on Monday. Steven Slater might have been pushed to his breaking point after a disobedient flier hit him with her luggage and refused to apologize, but we’re pretty sure Slater will not be allowed back at work.

Flight attendants are subject to the worst of the worst. We complain when we have to deal with delays, stuffy cabins, inedible food, and turbulence for a single flight…imagine if that was how you spent your entire day. It seems as if the screaming baby in the row next to us is not even on the flight attendant’s radar. We always assumed they were just “used to it,” but maybe they just have really good self-restraint. Except for Mr. Slater, of course.

Is He Really “The Man”?

This story certainly entertained us, but are we ready to call him “the man,” like The Washington Post did? After more then 20 years on the job, Slater couldn’t handle it. While we don’t think he was treated fairly by any means (and something needed to be done with regards to that horribly rude passenger), we don’t think cursing them out on the public-address intercom and sliding down the emergency-evacuation chute with a beer in tow was the right strategy.

Take The Time To De-Stress

There are plenty of jobs that do their best to raise your blood pressure. We take far too many trips to the coffee cart, work too many 12-hour workdays, and beat ourselves up over last-minute deadlines. But too much stress at work can hurt your performance and your overall health. Instead of going overboard, take the time to relax using LV’s stress-relieving tips.

Behave Like A Savvy Professional

We talk a lot about keeping things professional in a digitally connected world, but the same rules hold true (even more so) in the actual office. Just as we warn online, it’s hard to control our emotions and actions when we are worked up. When we act in the moment, the results are never what we want…. which is why we suggest backing away from the keyboard when you’re fed up. If your blood gets boiling while at work, take a minute to yourself. Walk around, grab a drink, find someone you can chat with. Being professional doesn’t mean you don’t get upset, it just means you take the time to cool off and collect your thoughts.

What would you have done if you were in Slater's position? Would you have jumped out too? Leave us a comment!

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