A Jumbotron Marriage Proposal, And Other Silly Ways To Spend Your Money

A Jumbotron Marriage Proposal, And Other Silly Ways To Spend Your Money

Any guy dressing up like a piece of broccoli and proposing marriage to his sweetheart has got to know ahead of time that it could backfire. He could get slapped, as one Minnesota Twins fan found out when proposing at a baseball game. Or he could get lucky and quickly be turned down by the not-wife-to-be before the Jumbotron camera operator quickly pans away, as we saw at an Oakland A’s game once.

Even if the woman agrees to the marriage proposal, as the woman with the broccoli-loving boyfriend did, it’s not as romantic as guys think it is, and there are better ways to spend their money. A creative marriage proposal is always welcomed, but pulling a girlfriend up on a table at a Red Lobster restaurant before her family, or proposing on live TV, is a disaster waiting to happen.

Not everyone has the creative spark or money to propose at a high-end hotel with a beautiful view, but there are better ways to spend your money than proposing at a professional basketball game, although at least she can’t run out of the building. (Check out FailedProposals if you’re a glutton for seeing such heartbreak).

One thing to keep high in your mind when planning a proposal is that it will be remembered for the rest of your life, and you want it to be a story you can tell your grandchildren.  You want it to be from the heart.

Read on (and share these with your significant other to see if they take the hint) for some tips on how not to propose:

1. Bringing family or friends along to watch

Grandma may want to see the proposal in person, but let her wait and you can re-enact it at the engagement party if you have to. Proposing at a nice restaurant in front of strangers is fine, and this should be a private, intimate moment when relatives, or potentially future relatives, should be far away so their presence doesn’t pressure anyone.

2. Online

This includes texting (Will u mry me?), Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or any other electronic means that will be invented in the future. Nothing says impersonal like an email.

3. Hiding The Ring In Food

It sounds fun to hide an engagement ring in a Jell-O shot, flan or any other edible dessert at your romantic dinner, but she might accidentally swallow it. That would put a harsh end to the night. Or the wait staff might lose the ring when giving it to a prep cook to put in the pudding, or it could get in someone else’s dessert.

4. Asking On Her Birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day...

...or some other big holiday where she’ll expect a gift. Turn your proposal date into a personal holiday for the two of you if you want to, but don’t take her birthday and turn it into another major event.

What's the craziest wedding proposal you ever heard? Leave us a comment!

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