11 Money Links We Love (8/20/2010)

11 Money Links We Love (8/20/2010)

We’ve scoured the web and brought you our favorite money-related articles. We read everything so you don’t have to!

1. Check out why gender-specific financial advice truly benefits women. (NYSE Money Sense)

2. The 401(k) match has been something employees took for granted for decades. Is this employee perk going away or coming back? (Darwin’s Finance)

3. When you want to cut food costs, invest in starch-laden foods that keep you full and are inexpensive. (Bundle)

4. You got the interview. Congrats! Now, get on top of your game by knowing the steps to take after you’ve answered the tough questions. (Savvy Sugar)

5. When is it time to (financially) cut off your child? (My Bank Tracker)

6. Along with paychecks, deadlines, and overtime, bosses are one of the things you just can’t avoid in the workplace. Learn about the 13 different types of bosses and how to make them love you. (Divine Caroline)

7. Check out how LearnVest’s in-house CFP® is doing on her $100 week. (Four Flights Up)

8. Already think credit scores are a big deal? Learn the 8 reasons never to ignore them. (Credit Karma)

9. Read how one blogger aced the life insurance medical exam and saved big bucks. (Moolanomy)

10. With tuition costs going haywire without any signs of abating: is paying for an Ivy League college education a good investment? (The Digerati Life)

11. Golfing, boating…is the ideal retirement virtually non-existent for most?  (20s Money)


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