Women Control Financial Decisions In The Home But Remain Unsure Of How To Use Their Power

Women Control Financial Decisions In The Home But Remain Unsure Of How To Use Their Power

95% of women control the financial decisions made in their households. The tenth annual “Financial Experience & Behaviors Among Women” study, run by Prudential Insurance, reveals this and other truths. Through the results of a survey administered to over 1,000 women in February 2010, the study concluded that women are more influential than ever when it comes to household finances.

Many Women Are Scared By Financial Decisions

While the entire study can be read on Prudential’s website, highlights from the study include that:

-   86% of women believe themselves unable to choose financial products.
-   51%  of women are unsure about how they’ll generate income during retirement.
-   57% have been made more financially cautious by the recession.

Overall, it appears that although women have more monetary power than ever before, they’re massively unsure about how to wield it.

Money Helps Us Lead Joyful, Productive Lives

Sure, the financial world can be intimidating, but it’s not all black power-suits and ticker tape. Personal finance is how money relates to your life. It’s the security of owning a home, and the confidence of understanding your salary. It’s being prepared to send your children to college and to take the occasional vacation. These things don’t just happen—they’re the reward for careful planning and thought about your money. We always say that we are the only ones looking out for our finances, and it looks like many of us could use some guidance.

You Can Conquer Your Finances

We know that the average female income has grown 63% in the past three decades, but that the majority of women still lack the confidence to manage the money they make. LearnVesters, don’t join their ranks! If personal finance feels like Mount Everest, let us act as your Sherpa: we’ll guide you from plateau to plateau (and keep you from falling off the side!) until you reach the top. We’ll start by giving you the basic financial information you need, then create an action plan for your next steps. We can clue you in to some of the insider jargon (short selling, anyone?) and teach you how to invest your money.

There’s no need to be part of a disheartening statistic—we’re here for you.


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