The Power Of The Purse Unites Philanthropy And Women In Business

The Power Of The Purse Unites Philanthropy And Women In Business

Women hold a lot more financial power than we realize. Fortunately, increasingly more women (and men!) are seeing the light.

Spending doesn’t have to be a routine, involuntary habit. Instead, we can use our money to make a statement, to further our ideals, and to benefit women everywhere.


We Believe In The Power Of The Purse

This is the outlook of Sondra Shaw-Hardy, blogger and consultant, on her blog The Power of the Purse: How Women are Changing Philanthropy. Sondra recommends that before making a purchase, we take a minute to examine the company we’re supporting. What’s its mission? How does it treat women and girls? What are its ramifications for society?

Let’s Not Forget: Money Is A Power Tool

With every dollar we spend, we give, we invest, we have the opportunity to let it speak our values. Our goal is to not only do that increasingly ourselves, but to guide others on how to do that as well. What do you care about? What do you want to change?

And how will you use your money, as well as your time and knowledge, to make it happen?

Ask These Questions: 6 Spending Requirements From The Power of The Purse

1. How many women are on the corporation’s board?
2. What charitable efforts does the company support?
3. What does the corporation do to help women and girls?
4. How is the corporation working to increase women’s roles in management and corporate executives?
5. Does the company have a plan for increasing diversity?
6. How is the corporation collaborating with others to further philanthropy?


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