The MTV Cast Boosts Their “Jersey Shore” Salaries

The MTV Cast Boosts Their “Jersey Shore” Salaries

In today’s LV Daily we took a look at average salaries and when it’s okay to ask for a raise. We know how important it is to make sure that you’re not being underpaid for all of your hard work! It seems that the cast of MTV’s “Jersey Shore” was already clued in to looking for a pay raise when they decided to go on strike before filming season three.

Breaking news headlines tell us that our favorite guidos and guidettes have succeeded in asking for what (they believe) they deserve! Taking a big leap from their $5,000 per episode paycheck from season one, the Jersey Shore crew will now be raking in around $30,000 per episode. Now, that’s some serious negotiation! We came up with a bunch of GTL-esque products the crew will be able to afford with their new paychecks.

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is said to have led the team in making their demands clear. He certainly had the right idea if we take a look at how much other reality stars are making. Fellow MTV stars, the cast of “The Hills,” is said to make top dollar. Kristin Cavallari earned $90,000 per episode for their final season, and Lauren Conrad took home $2.5 million per year when she was on the show! The Jersey cast was on track by taking a look at what other reality stars are making.

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, the slicked-haired and tanning salon-baked cast of the “Jersey Shore” showed some real financial prowess. And as a faithful LearnVester commented, why get mad when "they're too hilarious to watch."

Check out our slide show of all the GTL essentials (including 6,930 jars of hot tub sanitizer) their new salaries can buy!


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