Talking Budgeting: Why The Sky High Price For “Inception”?

Talking Budgeting: Why The Sky High Price For “Inception”?

No Wonder Movie Tickets Cost So Much—Inception Cost A Trillion Dollars To Make. Sort Of

When we hear just how big budget those big-budget Hollywood movies really are our minds always boggle at the number. $500 million spent on Avatar? What!? We love movies—namely, those giant blue creatures--just as much as the next person, but we really do wonder if all this money is necessary.

Big name directors, Oscar-winning actors and actresses, fancy sets… the sci-fi mind-bender, Inception, seems to have it all. The film stars Leonardo DiCaprio (along with heavy-hitters Ellen Page and Marion Cotillard), is directed by Christopher Nolan (remember: The Dark Knight) and was filmed in seven different countries. For all this, Warner Bros. Studios is said to have spent a whopping $180 million on the flick. With the movie coming out tomorrow (or tonight at midnight for those who can’t wait), we will see if this top-dollar production was worth the price.

Just so you know, the production numbers that get printed are only estimates and don’t even include the money spent on marketing!

If the reviews of what CBS News is calling a “cerebral masterpiece” have sparked your attention, check out our tips for saving money at the movie theater first!

Photo Credit: Chaubaby under a Creative Commons license


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