Bruce Willis’ Eau De Parfum And The Celebrities Who Want You To Smell Like Them

Can You Guess Whose It  Is?

The latest in the trend of celebrity scents has revealed itself—and it’s not “Bloodthirsty” by Robert Pattinson.

The newest scent is self-titled and touted, for a $35, 1.7 oz. bottle, as “straight, masculine, and unconventional.” About as unconventional as any product supposed to make people smell better: it’s Bruce Willis Eau de Parfum.

And it continues to be wildly unconventional by not being sold in North or South America. Is that lack of convention, simple self-preservation, or something else?

According to the NY Daily News, celebrity fragrances are generally more successful abroad than in North and South America. Because of the association with celebrity-endorsed brands, Americans are less likely to buy celebrity fragrances than their European and Asian counterparts.

While the recession has seen an overall decline in the sale of celebrity scents (check out our chart of celeb perfumes), internationally-marketed celebs such as Britney Spears have been most successful abroad. Here’s hoping that Bruce Willis’ fragrance won’t ‘Die Hard.’ (We couldn’t help it.)

Click through our slideshow to find out just how much an ounce of these celebrity perfumes cost, and find out which celeb products are worth your money.

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Bruce Willis, by Bruce Willis: Now Smell This

Glow, by Jennifer Lopez:

McGraw, by Tim McGraw:

Paris Hilton, by Paris Hilton:

Usher Men, by Usher:

Kim Kardashian, by Kim Kardashian:

Power, by 50 Cent:

Heat, by Beyoncé:

Intimately Beckham, by David Beckham:

Halle, by Halle Berry:


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