Skip The Salon: Find A Makeup Artist At Your Local Department Store

Skip The Salon: Find A Makeup Artist At Your Local Department Store

Preparing for a very important formal event can mean you’ll be shelling out cash even before buying the present. In the interest of saving some of that cash, we recently opted to go to the department store makeup counter instead of paying $60-plus-tip for a makeup artist. (That has been been our big splurge in the past.)

Want to try it? Keep the following in mind:

Expect To Buy An Item

Although the visit is technically free, it is expected that you will buy at least one makeup product from your makeover. It doesn’t need to be expensive—even a tube of lipgloss is considered acceptable. There’s no tipping needed, and if you hate the results you shouldn’t feel compelled to buy anything at all.

LV Tip: Compile a list of some inexpensive name-brand items beforehand , so you can go in with your purchase in mind. This isn’t a good time to impulse buy! Don’t overspend or get talked into chocolate-flavored lipgloss ( it’s brown!).

Call Ahead

Pick a department store that you love to visit (we chose Neiman Marcus, but Bloomingdale’s is another favorite) and schedule an appointment with a specific make-up counter. Many brands— including Christian Dior, Bobbi Brown, and Chanel—offer makeovers entirely free. Other brands may have a minimum-purchase requirement.

Pick A Favorite Brand

Going with a brand you like can help you decide which product to buy at the end of your session. If you need some more of your favorite foundation, purchase it after it’s used in your makeover. That way, you’ll placate the makeup artist and replenish your stock. You were going to buy it anyway!

While you won’t get the same level of pampering that you would at the salon, a department store makeover is great for looking sleek without spending a ton.


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