LearnVest Answers Your Requests... New Programs Launched Today!

LearnVest Answers Your Requests... New Programs Launched Today!


Although the year is more than halfway through, there’s still time to make sure that you’re on track with your financial resolutions. Today we are excited to announce a new program that will help you do just that—LV Bootcamp! Check out a special video update from LV's CEO and Founder, Alexa, to learn more about LV Bootcamp.

To keep you on track for the rest of the year, here are two important things you need to do:

1. Sign Up For LV Bootcamps

We have three great new programs to choose from. The best part is that they are delivered right to your inbox!

Personal Finance Basics Bootcamp

In this FREE, three-week Bootcamp, you'll learn:
• How to create a budget
• How to check your credit score and why it is so important
• What financial accounts you need and how to open them

Cut Your Costs Bootcamp

In just two weeks, you'll learn:
• $3,500 worth of cost cutting strategies... for FREE!
• How to lower your energy bill
• Best ways to entertain on a budget

Investing Bootcamp

This premium Bootcamp will help you make the most of your money in just two weeks! You'll learn:
• How to open and fund an investment account
• How to allocate your portfolio for retirement
• How to choose investments that are right for you

2. Tune In To Your Summer Budget

It’s easy to blow your whole budget on summer concerts, but we’d rather you not resign yourself to yogurt-for-dinner for the rest of the summer (like some of us). If you already have a budget, revisit it to compare your projections with what you’re really spending.

To learn more about any of these new Bootcamp programs, click here!


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