Losing Friends As You Lose Your Job: How Long-Term Unemployment Impacts More Than Money

Losing Friends As You Lose Your Job: How Long-Term Unemployment Impacts More Than Money

Long-Term Unemployment May Hurt More Than Just Your Bank Account
Stress. In case you weren’t clear from your Psych 101 course, it’s a term used to describe our bodies’ physiological and psychological reactions to different situations. The number one most frequent stressor? Work-related problems, including unemployment.

Unemployment is probably one of the most hated terms in our country today. Unfortunately, it’s been pretty hard to ignore it, as it continues to pop up in our regular news cycle and remains something that many workers fear everyday.

We always assumed that in addition to a financial loss, unemployment would probably not cheer us up. It’s a tough loss to go from being in a position of control to facing an uncertain future. But it looks like our problems don’t end there—the unemployed, especially long-term (for six months or longer), are far more likely than others to lose contact with close friends, suffer strained family relationships and experience a loss in self-respect in addition to the financial blow.

These happy reports come to us from a new study conducted by the Pew Research Center. They found that nearly half (46%) of the long-term unemployed said that joblessness strained family relations. They found that 36% experienced a significant loss in self-respect.

We try to bring you the very best information so that if for whatever reason you lose your job, you won’t be sitting there pulling your hair out. We want to whip your finances into shape so that when disaster strikes, you’re covered. This means setting up emergency funds and putting money into your savings regularly. But as we know, money isn’t everything. The more you know, the better prepared you are to handle anything thrown your way. Knowing these stats (however depressing they might be) can only help prepare you for the worst of it and make sure that this doesn’t happen to you. Always take the time to de-stress, even when your day is jam-packed, with some of our favorite ways to cut work-related stress.

Have you ever felt weird around friends after losing a job? Did you change your social habits? Leave us a comment, let us a know what happened.



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