LearnVesters Respond: Have You Ever Asked For A Pay Raise?

LearnVesters Respond: Have You Ever Asked For A Pay Raise?

In today’s LV Daily we took you step-by-step through the best way to ask for a pay raise.

We asked LearnVesters about the last time they asked for—or got—one. Especially with state of our current economy and dismal unemployment rates, we figured plenty of women would probably have had second thoughts about approaching an employer about this. But based on the latest poll responses, 43% of LearnVesters have broached the topic in the past year. Congrats, ladies! Even if you were not successful in the ultimate goal of seeing a pay raise, you took a major step that not everyone is willing to take.

Talking about money with anyone is difficult, let alone the person in charge of your paycheck. Even the baby steps, like checking your credit score, can send your heart racing. So, when it comes to the big stuff, we really do need support and understanding before diving in there.

On our Facebook page we asked if anyone has a salary negotiation horror story. Did asking for a pay raise ever go terribly wrong? Better yet, have you had any success stories? If you haven’t already, check out today’s LV Daily to learn the ins and outs of salary negotion. And, as always, we’d love to hear what you have to say!

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