6,930 Jars Of Hot Tub Sanitizer… And Other GTL Essentials The Striking “Jersey Shore” Cast Salaries Could Buy

MTV's Jersey Shore Cast Strkes For More MoneyThe cast of MTV's hit show "Jersey Shore" may look cheap but their salary standards are not. Before beginning their third season, the Garden State gang went on strike, according to TMZ, putting a stop to taping until their salary demands are met.

We were curious what GTL-esque things their current $90,000 a season could buy and this is what we came up with. Follow the slide show, below.

Start by clicking on the picture of The Situation channeling Rodin's The Thinker.

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Think they get paid too much? Did we miss any good purchases? Tell us in the comments below. Come on, make this a G,T, L, C(omment) day!

  • Sdy4947

    ……………what a waste of perfectly good money.

    • Trekkern

      to true Sdy4947…..you cant BUY class and taste…….

      • carolinewaxler

        @Trekkern and @Sdy4947 thanks for weighing in. if you had $90k extra sitting around what would you put it towards?

        • Queitstorm84

          @caroline, Donate some, invest some, and slowly spend whatever is left.

  • Eddie

    The simple fact that ANY one of these characters earns more than the vast majority of teachers, professors, police officers, firemen and pretty much ANY OTHER PROFESSIONAL really makes me sick! $90,000 per year for their idiotic, self-serving “Gym-Tan-Laundry” lifestyle is crazy. At least it allows us to truly see where our society has placed its own priorities.

    • carolinewaxler

      its $90k per season, not year!

    • Queitstorm84

      @ Eddie: Amen!

  • Frankly, I'd have thought that they made more, given how much (unnecessarily) TV stars tend to make. Though, I guess–this is PER SEASON.

  • KM7

    Although I haven't done the math, I have no doubt some plastic surgery could be had for $90,000 a year…

    • Raanah

      I know they could get about 10-12 nose jobs with that money.

      • RL

        Haha, bulk discount? Just because you have the money to blow on Jersey-nose-jobs doesn't mean you shouldn't shop for a deal – LearnVest teaches us that!

    • carolinewaxler

      Sammi may have had some. Check her out in this new promo shot for MTV's “Swimsuit Edition”

  • melissamarieharrison

    Haha, best LV article ever. I could get really mad at their materialism, but why? They're too hilarious to watch.

  • erin

    $90,000 could also feed thousands and thousands of people living below the poverty line…