Christmas In July: Is That iPad A Necessity Or A Luxury? [Infographic!]

Christmas In July: Is That iPad A Necessity Or A Luxury? [Infographic!]

At LearnVest, we’re here to help you get your finances in shape so that you can live your life—we want you to be so financially on top of your game that you can enjoy luxuries without feeling guilty.

We were talking about this over at the LearnVest headquarters, and it sparked a heated (and admittedly quirky) debate.

The Quirky Debate That Happened In Our Office

What, we asked ourselves and each other, is a luxury? For some people, buying lunch every day is a luxury, but for others—for example, someone who works 90-hour weeks and has zero downtime—a $6 sandwich every day isn’t a luxury at all. We spent three full days doing research and debating this amongst ourselves, exploring the different ways that experts define luxury.

Ultimately, we’ve defined what a luxury is and how to think about it. Here’s our guide (infographic!)  to help you walk that tricky tightrope.

altAre new textbooks a luxury? What about a smartphone? Tell us in the comments.


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