If You’re Planning A Weekend Getaway This July 4th, Watch For Speeding Tickets In These States


Oftentimes, a highway speed limit of 65mph means that no one drives less than 70. But if we’re zipping by doing a solid 90 in a hurry to start July 4th celebrations, there’s a good chance our rearview mirror will start flashing red and blue.

Speeding tickets are a downer. Besides the cost upfront, the violation stays on your driving record unless you contest it successfully…but time is money, and contesting takes time.

Although we don’t condone speeding—in fact, anything dangerous and technically against the law is definitely discouraged—we’re still interested in the list published by the National Association of Motorists that ranks states from most to least likely to hand out speeding tickets over the holiday weekend.

If you’re in one of the top ten likeliest states, keep on eye on that speedometer.

The 10 Likeliest States To Hand Out July 4th Tickets:

1) Florida
2 tie) Georgia
2 tie) Nevada
4) Texas
5) Alabama
6) Missouri
7) New York
8 ) North Carolina
9) District of Columbia
10) New Jersey


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