How To Save Money In The Middle Of A Heat Wave

Feeling the heat? (And we don’t just mean the pressure of coming back to work after a long, holiday weekend).

If you’re anywhere in the Northeast region of the country today, you’re, no doubt, facing what CNN is calling a “heat wave of historic proportions.”

In these triple-digit temperatures, do what you can to stay out of the sun! And in the meantime, we’ve narrowed down the top 8 ways to save on your summer cooling expenses.

But, while it’s important to be mindful of your budget, we want you to stay safe. The National Weather Service has issued an advisory warning for residents, and keeping cool is the most important thing.

While we’ve already got safety on the brain, studies have shown that humans behave more aggressively in hotter conditions due to specific physiological changes. Crime rates have been shown to increase in higher temperatures and in places with warmer conditions (but weather might only be one small factor). The weather and crime link might not stretch too far, but hey, you never know. Crime patterns also show a large drop when temperatures get beyond a certain point…

If temperatures keep climbing, aside from sticking to our seats, we might just be safer than ever.


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