Goldman Sachs Uses Email Software To Encourage Appropriate Text Language

Goldman Sachs Uses Email Software To Encourage Appropriate Text Language

Goldman Sachs is only the latest in the trend of big banks moving away from the foul-mouthed Wall Street stereotype by banning profanity in emails and texts. The Wall Street Journal reports that the edict is being enforced by screening software that even flags curse words marked out with asterisks.

External Factors Motivated Internal Change

After the SEC case earlier this summer—in which employee emails were referenced—Goldman joined companies like Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, and Bloomberg in monitoring communications to present a cleaner face to the outside world. It’s surprising that it took external motivation to polish up employees’ method of communication—should it have come to that?

Professional And Personal Communication Differ

Whether you work for a major corporation like Goldman or from your home office, professional communication should be just that: professional. Just like you wouldn’t gossip about your relationship troubles to a client or co-worker, you shouldn’t offend them with explicit language. Especially in the case of electronic communication, where tone is so often indistinguishable and a typo can change the meaning of a sentence, the responsible professional errs on the side of caution. We know that you're responsible professionals... make sure that your employer does, too.


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