Get The Safest Drinking Water In The Country: From Brita To Tap To Bottled

Get The Safest Drinking Water In The Country: From Brita To Tap To Bottled

We never buy what we can get for free, which is why we tell you never to buy bottled water (no sense in shelling out $2 for a plastic landfill ornament). Living in America, we have access to SAFE, drinkable water from the tap. Still, we want to know: How clean is our city’s water, really?

How Clean Is The Water You’re Drinking?

The experts at the Environmental Working Group have ranked the water quality in cities throughout the U.S. The cities with the cleanest water include Arlington, Providence, Fort Worth, Charleston, Boston, Austin, and St. Louis. Cities at the bottom of the list include Houston, Las Vegas, San Diego, and Pensacola. Find your city on the list or enter your zip code into the water quality search.

In The U.S., Your Water Has Met EPA Regulations

Unless you have your own private well in your backyard, your water has almost certainly undergone serious EPA-regulated testing and meets safety criteria. The United States has some of the safest water in the world, which is another reason why you have no excuse to buy bottled, unless you’re stranded in the middle of the desert and about to die from heat exhaustion! Carry a reusable bottle in your purse and refill as necessary. Although home delivery of those giant water jugs is better than constantly buying little bottles, we’re firm about our no-bottles rule.

Our City’s Water Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be—This Is How We Do

One of the most tried-and-true products is the Brita filter, which generally costs $20 to $30. The cartridge lasts about three months, but we found a three-pack of replacement cartridges for less than $20, bringing the total cost to about $40 for the first year. We’ve also heard rave reviews of the ZeroWater system, which actually measures your water quality so that you know your water’s clean.  The system is a bit pricier—$35—but our friend swears by it! The four-pack of replacement cartridges costs $60.

Here’s how all the options stack up:



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