G-Ticket: Google’s Alternative To Ticketmaster?

G-Ticket: Google’s Alternative To Ticketmaster?

Ever wonder why Ticketmaster charges you so much for a concert ticket?

A lot of people have questioned what they call the “because we can” charges, to the point where this morning, angry customers gathered on Reddit and decided to try to contact Google directly to create an alternative.

By typing in “G-Ticket: Google’s Alternative To Ticketmaster,” over and over in the search box, consumers hope to get their voices heard. They hope that a high search ranking will grab Google’s attention and encourage a campaign to create a ticketing service.

Ticketmaster’s high fees have been a source of contention for quite some time now, ranging from unnecessary high service charges to having customers pay $2.50 to print their own ticket (we know, what?!).

Currently, there are some alternative ticketing companies and ways to find cheaper concert tickets, but Ticketmaster still has a strong monopoly in the biz. Adding to their power, they recently merged with concert promoter Live Nation.

Help grab Google’s attention by typing in the keywords now! But, in the meantime, check out our LV Cheap Summer Events Calendar, complete with a guide to affordable tickets for concerts in your area. And keep in mind, there are always ways to save, even when it comes to music, art, and culture.


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