How To Enjoy All Of The Frugal, Summer Things To Do By Budgeting On Gas

How To Enjoy All Of The Frugal, Summer Things To Do By Budgeting On Gas

All summer long we’ve been sharing tips to help make the most of your holiday weekends while on a budget. From cheap, summer dates to local summer adventures to camping grounds, we’ve had you driving all over the place to make sure you enjoy the season without breaking the bank.

But when all is said and done, driving around and spending money on gas can certainly add up. We want you to keep enjoying yourself while saving as much as you (and being kind to our planet). This is why we’re sharing SmartMoney’s suggestions to maximize your gas mileage.

Here are the highlights:

1. Unload The Trunk

We might forget this sometimes, but the weight we carry in the car and trunk reduce our fuel efficiency. Take the time to clean out the car before you hit the road!

2. Stick To Regular Gas (If You Can)

A lot of car companies suggest filling up their vehicles with premium gas. We’ve been told, however, that in many cases, these cars only need to be filled with premium gas every so often, and can manage just fine with regular gas the rest of the time. We’ve been sticking to a 3:1 regular to premium ratio. Make sure to find out what your car can stay efficient with.

LV Tip: When you do have to fill up, check out BillShrink first to find the cheapest gas station in your area.

3. Keep It On Cruise Control

When on the highway, avoid being a speed demon and then having to come to a halt as soon at traffic backs up--this type of driving can reduce your fuel efficiency by 33%.

Check out the full article for more green and money-saving mileage tips.


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