Frugal Fitness: Get In Shape Using Daily Deals

Frugal Fitness: Get In Shape Using Daily Deals

We all want to stay in shape, but nobody wants to pay an arm and a leg to do it. In Manhattan alone, there are over 90 gyms, each one offering different membership rates, fees, and facilities. But is it worth the monthly cost if you’re simply going to get bored of the same old routine? What if we told you that you could experience a wide variety of different and challenging workouts using Daily Deals? If you’re a savvy shopper and excited to try out a different way to approach fitness, here’s some info that’ll be sure to get your heart rate up:

Comparing Costs

We compared the annual rates at several of NYC’s leading gyms to the cost of fitness programs, trials, and classes offered through daily deals:


Users of these gyms spend on average $1,400 per year (or about $116 per month) to stay fit.  While gyms are stocked with the latest equipment and offer terrific group classes, there are lots of other exciting and new fitness opportunities out there in the city that these users may not even be aware of.  Plus, you can even save some coin.

Explore Your Options

Many gyms and fitness studios offer introductory classes or a series of classes for a low price.  These offers allow you to try many forms of exercise, such as yoga, pilates, and martial arts to name a few.  A lot of our users like daily deals because it allows them to take classes in pretty much any sport or exercise imaginable.  Furthermore, many of the city’s most exclusive studios put out special promotional prices that allow anyone to try their facilities for a short time, so don’t limit yourself to just one exercise or venue.

Add Some Variety

We’ve all heard of (and probably tried) yoga and pilates workouts, but what about something more exotic, like pole dancing?  If you’ve ever wanted to try out a new form of exercise, look no further than a daily deal.  They’re the perfect way for you to not only discover a new hobby, but start your path towards a healthy lifestyle by doing so.  We’ve featured many different and unique forms of exercise through our daily deals, such as kung fu, boxing, aerial silks dancing, bhangra, and even pole dancing!  The possibilities are endless, and they’re all yours to try at exceptional promotional prices.

The Daily Deal Plan

Below we outline a sample plan that allows you to experience many different New York fitness studios, gyms, and forms of exercise while saving you money.  Please note, however, that the plan below is not exact.  The deals described below represent a sample of past deals we’ve had in the past, and many of these deals continue to come onto our site on a routine basis.  Furthermore, most if not all of these deals are good for up to one year from the date of purchase, so feel free to buy them as they come up and use them whenever you like.

January: 1 month of unlimited yoga at Bikram Yoga Manhattan ($25)
February: 3 individual classes and 1 month of unlimited group classes at Anderson’s Martial Arts Academy ($47)
March: 2 week trial membership and 3 personal training sessions at New York Sports Club($29)
April: 6 bootcamp classes at Stacy’s Bootcamp ($60)
May: 1 month unlimited yoga at Sonic Yoga ($30)
June: 4 individual boxing lessons at Mendez Boxing ($48), 5 mat classes at Pilates on Fifth($45)
July: 1 month unlimited yoga at Yoga High ($59)
August: 1 week membership at Bally Total Fitness (free), 2 weeks of unlimited Yoga classes at YogaWorks ($15)
September: 10 pilates classes at re:Ab Pilates ($65)
October: 1 month unlimited yoga at Ishta Yoga ($30)
November: 10 dance classes at the 92nd Street Y ($60)
December: 1 month trial membership at Crunch Fitness ($39)


Using Daily Deals, you can experience a multitude of different workouts, fitness classes, and fun activities for a fraction of what you’d normally be spending annually at the gym.  Hopefully you, not your wallet, will lose weight and get in great shape.

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