Didn't Get The Tan You Wanted This 4th Of July? Avoid The 10% Tanning Tax


Didn’t get as much color as you wanted this holiday weekend? Take a minute before you head to your local tanning salon.

As if you needed another reason to stop going to a tanning bed, you will now have to shell out 10% more for the tax on indoor tanning salons that went into effect last Thursday. If you use tanning beds at a physical fitness center, however, you’ll be exempt, according to The Wall Street Journal. (Not that we’re encouraging your use of a tanning bed, merely suggesting a more frugal route to do so).

The American Academy of Dermatology says that indoor tanning is linked to melanoma. We all want that beach glow, but not when it causes cancer, wrinkles and a hole in your wallet.

For the best way to avoid damage from the sun and the 10% price increase, check out our review of the best indoor, sunless tanning lotions. They might come from a bottle, but we promise, if used correctly, these will not produce frightening orange streaks.


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