Bastille Day 2010: Frugal Party Planning

Bastille Day 2010: Frugal Party Planning

The key to frugal party planning: canceling the party?

Today, July 14th is La Fête Nationale, or Bastille Day (we’re trying to sound French here). While this might not scream out “celebration” to every American, it’s a huge day of festivities for the French.

As you might know, throwing a great celebration usually comes down to careful budgeting (think: trying to throw a successful barbecue for under $50). With the latest money-issues going around in France, the government thought it would be sending the wrong message by hosting the annual Bastille Day Garden Party. So, sadly, the party had to be cut as part of the latest in budget-tightening measures. C'est la vie. Last year’s party cost over 700,000 euros!

While the French might not be enjoying foie gras and champagne on the Palais de l’Elysée lawns, we know that fun can still be had without spending too much dough.

Check out our guide to the best ways to throw a party without breaking the bank, and celebrate independence in style.


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