LearnVesters Weigh In On Their Favorite Frozen Treats. What's Yours?

LearnVesters Weigh In On Their Favorite Frozen Treats. What's Yours?

On our Facebook page and on today’s LearnVest Daily email “Health Food v. Frozen Food: Get Both On A Budget” we asked you about your favorite frozen food recipes…and dutifully you responded. While we get ready to try out these frozen, healthy, and budget-conscious treats, we’d like to share them with you here:

Reader April recommended a couple quick ideas. Frozen peas complete with butter and some sea salt sounds pretty tasty as an easy side dish. She suggested a frozen fruit smoothie, a summer day must. April also mentioned trying out frozen garlic bread. Doesn’t sound too bad at all. We thought Cole’s Original Garlic Bread looked worthy of trying. Table-ready in 10 minutes and about $2.

Josemar posted using frozen corn to mix with finely chopped cilantro, tomato and onion. On top she sprinkles lemon juice, oregano, and some salt and pepper (sometimes Old Bay Seasoning too). This sounds like it would work perfectly as a salsa! As for dessert, we thank Josemar for mentioning her mixture of light flavored yogurt with frozen fruit, milk, and ice.

Reader Claire suggested Birds Eye Green Beans & Spaetzle in Bavarian Style Sauce. Courtney also recommended Birds Eye Steamfresh vegetables, along with Alexia frozen potatoes. And we have to agree. Super easy and inexpensive, these are the perfect items to keep stocked up in your freezer.

Thank you for posting and keep ‘em coming! We’d love to hear more of your favorite frozen dishes. To see the rest of the responses and post your own, check out our Facebook page.


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