Young Adults And Their Finances [Infographic]



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What better way to describe the relationship between today’s youth and their personal finances than with the "Young Adults and their Money Habits" infographic from VisualEconomics.

This particular chart from the larger graphic reveals the financial situations of young adults, ranging anywhere from college educated to unemployed to single with a child. If our eyesight is correct, this chart shows that a staggering 40% of young adults fall into the "poor" financial situation category! If you’re part of this 40%, well, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our Budgeting Tool and create a Checklist today if your finances need some work and organization.

The full infographic also shows the outcome of using social media outlets to better understand personal finances. Sites that offer personal finance advice (ahem) appear to have left 59% of young adult users somewhat more confident and 26% much more confident with their money habits and understanding. If you’re still in the dark, LearnVest's Knowledge Center is a great place to start tackling your questions.

We do love ourselves some pop culture references, but we are not so sure how comfortable we are using their chart  of reality television shows (Temptation Island!?) to describe our financial lives.


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