Stanley McChrystal And Why You Should Keep Professional Talk Classy

altIt’s safe to say former General Stanley McChrystal wishes he hadn’t been quite so public with his comments about President Obama and the national security team. The flood of backlash against McChrystal comes after he made controversial statements in an 8-page spread in Rolling Stones Magazine (on newsstands Friday). Just this afternoon, the commander resigned and was replaced by General David Petraeus to be in charge of U.S. forces in Afghanistan. That was quick!

Honesty is usually always the best policy…but not when it involves talking about your job or boss in the public sphere. In today’s digitally connected world, we recommend keeping comments professional and classy. While a simple comment, status update or tweet might seem like no big deal, it could pose a serious problem if it gets picked up by the wrong set of eyes.

Careful what you tweet!


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