Oprah Tops Forbes’ Celebrity 100, But She Still Has To Pay Attention To Her Wallet

altYesterday, Forbes officially released its 2010 Celebrity 100 Power list. Oprah reclaims her number 1 spot after losing it to Angelina Jolie last year.

Rankings are determined by celebrities’ earnings in the past 12 months and their face time in print, television and on the web. So it’s no surprise that Oprah came out on top, with an estimated $315 million brought in this past year, in addition to her unyielding popularity. But just because the big celebs are raking in top dollar doesn’t mean they don’t have to keep a close eye on their money. Even Oprah, who recently hired her very own money manager, needs to stay on top of her finances.

Billy Joel once told The Washington Post “to translate what you do into dollars and cents makes it all mundane.” This might be so, but Joel is only one of an ongoing list of celebrities who put their personal finances on the backburner and ended up cheated by their money managers.

Even with a stocked bank account and a place on the Forbes Celebrity 100, it always pays to keep track of your wallet.


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