Nicole Kidman And Other Hollywood Celebrities Who Didn’t Make The Forbes Cut (And Why)

We welcomed the release of Forbes’ annual Celebrity 100 list this week, Hollywood’s favorite popularity and power contest. But as with all popularity contests, some folks didn’t make the cut.

The list is a balance between monetary success and headline-grabbing scandal-makers (or victims). For example, #5 Tiger Woods had a decent year monetarily, raking in $105 million in earnings, but his power ranking rose mainly due to his prevalence in the headlines following a little car crash and some extra-marital activities. Same deal with Sandra Bullock, who came in at #8 on the list with $56 million in earnings from two hit movies coupled with a messy divorce with her ex-husband Jesse James.

The top 100 is entertaining, but what we really want see is a list of Hollywood’s power players who didn’t make the cut this year, either because they chose projects near and dear to their hearts that didn’t gross a billion dollars at the box office, because they’re just good at keeping their private lives private (kudos to them), or because they’ve been building up the equity in their personal brands to make a big showing next year.

Click through our slideshow to see who didn’t make the cut this year, and why we don't think they will be left out for very long.

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