iPhone 4 Review: Is Apple’s Latest Product Worth Your Money?

iPhone 4 Review: Is Apple’s Latest Product Worth Your Money?

There's a ton of buzz online about the new iPhone that Apple head Steve Jobs talked about at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. Since we use our current iPhone to get our personal finances in shape on the go, we're thrilled that a new version could make reaching our money goals that much easier. So far, iPhone 4 reviews have been generally positive.

But, is the iPhone really worth it? This question boils down to: What are gadgets worth to you?

Here are the shiniest features of the newest gadget out there:

  • A lighter, sleeker look.
  • Higher resolution on its screen and camera.
  • Faster connection.
  • A bigger battery and, therefore, more time without charging.
  • The ability to open and run multiple apps at the same time.
  • The technology to record and edit video on the phone.
  • Cameras on both sides for video chatting.

Need a refresher in how to make the iPhone apps whip your wallet into shape? Glad you asked! This piece on the personal finance apps you should have, as well as this review of apps to help you save cash in the airport, and this one about coupon apps that you should have with you on the go will help you.

All that said, we can't advocate your running out and buying the latest tech gadget just because. (Yes, we get that it's smaller, faster, and clearer. But it's also $199 at its cheapest.) If you have a budget (ahem!) and some extra money saved up, you have the right to spend it however you want. All the same, we’re not under any illusions; the new iPhone is a luxury purchase, plain and simple.

If you do shell out for the iPhone 4, do yourself a favor and don’t leave it in a bar.

Want to create a masterful budget that will help you save for the iPhone 4? Check out our LearnVest budgeting tool.


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