Minorities Are The Major Players In Recent College Enrollment Boom


Thought you had competition getting into college before? Looks like there will be even more applications to surpass.  Statistics put out by the Pew Research Center tell us that the increase in freshman enrollment in post-secondary intuitions is at its highest since 1968, the height of the Vietnam War. From fall 2007 to fall 2008, freshman enrollment increased by 144,000 students!

This surge coincides with teen unemployment reaching a record high (28%!). Today’s youth seem to haven taken a hint from threatening labor market circumstances and, impressively, turned to education.

What we found even more striking is the research done on minority student enrollment. Of the 6% increase in post-secondary institution enrollment, almost 75% came from minority students. While white student enrollment increased by 3%, Hispanic student enrollment in particular grew by 15%.

The Research Center credits this growth partially to simple demographics, the younger population is a far more diverse demographic than the adult. Naturally, each coming enrollment year would bring more minority students. Another record number, 70% of Hispanic students completed high school at the start of the recession, which also contributes to the spiked enrollment.

If you’re planning on adding to the growing enrollment numbers, we want to make sure that you are prepared for this decision financially. Make sure you have your student finances in order with our checklist. If you’re thinking about school, chances are you are also thinking about student loans. With all the different options available, make sure you’re applying for the right one to fund your dream education. Keep those applications coming!


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