The 9 Best House Plants Under $15 (Slide Show)

daily-plantsNo matter how many times we try (and fail) to keep an orchid alive, we really do want to surround our personal space with beautiful, living plants.

But, let’s face it: Bringing home fresh flower bouquets is a waste. After all, even the best-fed stargazer lilies don’t last more than a week or two. Our plan is to set out potted plants in order to make our homes feel warm and, well, homey. We’re only considering plants that are easy to take care of (read: hard to kill) and under $10 apiece.

Read on for a slide show of our 9 favorite choices for under $15.

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Image Credits: Golden PothosBasilArrowhead VineParlor Palm

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  • anon

    A few of the plants on that list (peace lily, golden pothos) are toxic to animals. If you have indoor pets, it is a good idea to research whether the plant you are purchasing is toxic. The ASPCA has a good, searchable database:

  • guest

    Where do I get a gardenia plant for $9? I can’t seem to find one for under $20, with many sitting around $60.