Jobs Report: How Does It Apply To Me?

What does the jobs report mean for me?So, the jobs report just came out. What does that mean, exactly? Well, for President Obama, it's a chance to say that the economy is on an upswing. Everyone else isn't so sure. While the economy is getting stronger, it's increasing at a slightly lower rate than it did last month. Should you be worried? The stock market—a good pulse of what Americans are thinking—went down today on the news of this report.

Sure there were 431,000 new jobs created in May, the majority of those were for temporary government jobs. Census takers, anyone? Non-government jobs were up by only 41,000.

Either way, the key word is up. So, if you to take an optimistic view, like our President, have at it. Just be sure to keep putting money away in your emergency fund if you have a job and continue the fast pace of networking and brushing up on your skills (just like mom told us!)  if you're looking.


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