Is Flexibility Worth Paying American Airlines Another Fee?

altSure, there have been occasions we all wished we had more time on an airplane to get settled without the other passengers getting in the way. But would you be willing to pay for that luxury?

American Airlines recently announced its “Boarding and Flexibility Package” for customers as part of the “Your Choice” program. The “Boarding and Flexibility Package” allows passengers to board the plane earlier for a fee anywhere from $9-$19, adjusted by the length of the given flight. AA is marketing this new feature by saying that it allows you to “gain more time to store carry-on luggage and get more comfortable in your seat.”

Are people really going to pay for this service? In a time when new baggage fees are leaving many customers to pack carry-ons only, we wonder how many fliers will be interested in paying for early boarding. Unlike other carriers, whose early boarding allows customers to choose better seats, passengers are already assigned seats on American Airlines.

Aside from early boarding, the new package allows passengers to fly standby on an earlier flight on their departure day for no fee.  Also, any changes fliers make to their itinerary will only cost $75, from the customary $150 fee.

Let us know what you think of American Airlines’ new aims at providing customer flexibility and check out our top 11 ways to save at the airport.


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