iPhone 3GS Owners, Get The iPhone 4 For FREE!


It’s only a day away. (Don’t mock—everyone loves Annie.) Tomorrow, June 24th, Apple will release its iPhone 4. While shiny toys with touch screens appeal to the techie in us, the $500 3GS upgrade fee for existing users strikes fear into the heart of our financial conscience. And here at LearnVest, we have a sizeable financial conscience.

Never fear. Thanks to Jon, our Office Tech Wizard (and that’s his second official title, after Art Director), we’ve discovered that we may be able to get the newest iPhone for a substantially reduced rate.

AT&T heard the panic in the voices of existing customers who—because of the short existence of the iPhone 3GS—weren’t eligible for the more flexible upgrade options typically offered to customers more than halfway through a service contract. So, the company amended its policy.

--Warning! Technical Details Ahead!--

Under the new ruling, the eligibility requirement for the subsidy (read: money toward an upgrade to this new flashy toy) was extended by six months, allowing iPhone 3GS users who grabbed the phone in its infancy to qualify for the full iPhone 4 subsidy ($200 for 16 GB, and $300 for the 32 GB).

Combine this reduction with RadioShack’s promotional offer: Users can trade in an iPhone 3GS for up to $300 in store credit (depending on the phone’s condition)—which can then be used to purchase the iPhone 4. So, eligible customers will get their newest toy nearly for free!

AT&T Full Subsidy + RadioShack Promotion = Free iPhone 4

To find out if you’re eligible, call *639# from your AT&T phone. The company will text you back if you’re eligible for the full subsidy.

Be aware that supplies will be limited on opening day, so either call ahead to check availability or break out that sleeping bag tonight.

Oh, iPhone 4. You’re so close.


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