Florida And The Oil Spill

Florida And The Oil Spill

The oil spill is coming close to Florida's shores which has many of our LearnVest users asking questions. We've narrowed them down into two groups and will answer them here so all our readers can read them too.

What If I Have A Vacation Planned There? Should I Cancel? Can I Get My Money Back?

Don't cancel yet. We're not sure if it will hit the Florida coast. If it does that you may be able to get a resort refund but it depends on your hotel. Call them. As for the airline ticket...no refunds. That said, if you can stick to your plans, do. The oil spill is already harming the local economies and they could sure use your money. Better plan? Consider keeping your plans and volunteering...

I'd Like To Volunteer To Clean Up The Oil Slick In Florida. How?

Quick scouring online turned up these opportunities. We love this one and the Greenpeace opportunity. If you can swing go down there and help. You'll be our hero! (And, since we're LearnVest we are bound to mention that there will be plenty of discounts!)

Let us know in the comments if you have your own favorite way to contribute to cleaning up the oil slick. We'd love to share them with other LearnVesters.


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