Celebrity Entrepreneurs: Take A Page From Their Business Books (Slide Show)

Meet the hardest working woman in Hollywood. Seriously.

Meet the hardest working woman in Hollywood. Seriously.

Celebrities have to be more than just a talented actor, actress, singer or sports star these days. In today's marketplace a celebrity is a brand and how they manage that brand determines what kinds of projects they will be offered in the future. Plenty of celebs haven't been content to just let that brand grow around them, they have taken a proactive role in building up their business and expanding into the realm of entrepreneurship. We can learn a lot from these celeb-preneurs about how to conduct our own business enterprises. What can they tell us?

Check out the slides how below to see which quality each these celebrity entrepreneurs shines with and what you can learn from each of them. You'll be surprised. Seriously. Comment us if you think there's some good ones and some good lessons we've missed.

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