Best Etiquette Ever: LV Guide To Customary Tipping


As a customer, it’s important to tip for good service. Lots of workers including waiters, bartenders, hotel concierges, and salon workers rely heavily on your gratuity, but we’ve fumbled over tipping for valet parking and coat check more often than we’d like to admit. Want to give the right amount without looking (gasp) ungenerous? We bring you the Official LearnVest Tipping Guide, so that you’ll have the best etiquette in the room.

But, how much tipping is appropriate? After all, it’s not your job to support your waiter’s family, especially if you feel that a tip is undeserved.

Is It Ever Okay Not To Tip?

If you experienced abysmal service (e.g. the waiter was rude to your face, your food arrived very late and cold, or the manicurist made you bleed) then you have the total right to voice a complaint to management. If the business doesn’t acknowledge that you were wronged, speak to the manager on duty before you neg the tip. Ask if management can “resolve the issue on your bill.” If your food was too salty, don’t decline to tip the waiter—it wasn’t his fault. But, if the waiter gave you terrible service and the management refuses to give you a discount on the bill, then tip accordingly.

We bring you the LV crib sheet for proper tipping etiquette:



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