An Ounce Of Jennifer Aniston Is Worth Ten Paris Hiltons?

altWell, you're thinking..."I already knew that."

When LearnVest examined the cost of celebrity perfume brands—we touched on the subject in our "Which Celeb Products Are Worth It?" article, but readers wanted to know more about perfumes—we were surprised by what we found when we went to buy them. ...But then again maybe we shouldn't have been?

Seriously, when it comes to perfumes and celebrities no one comes with the same price tag (or markdowns).  At $5.45 an ounce, Paris weighs in with the lowest priced celebrity perfume on our list; at $55.88, Jennifer Aniston's Lolavie is the highest. Here are some other things we noticed:

  • An ounce of Kim Kardashian is worth four ounces of Paris
  • Fifty Cent may be half a dollar but he smells equivalent to three Ushers
  • Getting Intimately Beckham with Posh and Becks can be done for $28 an ounce
  • Beyonce's Heat ($22.64 per oz.) is worth thirty cents less than Pam Anderson's Malibu Pink ($22.94 per oz.)
  • Britney's Curious is worth twice as much as Jennifer Lopez's Glow. Kind of curious, don't you think?
  • At $20 an ounce, Elizabeth Taylor is offering the cheapest White Diamonds we've ever seen

More on the chart below. Have any observations of your own on this? What price really surprised you? Do you own any of these perfumes? Leave 'em in the comments!



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