6 Doctor Visits You Should Get Regularly

6 Doctor Visits You Should Get Regularly

LearnVest is all about financial wellness, which includes your personal health. Note that you need to have access to health care—this isn’t negotiable.

Get the Very Most Out of That Plan!

Most people receive health insurance through their employers (though we have tips for you toward the end of this article if you’re uninsured), so not seeing the necessary doctors each year is actually leaving money on the table. We’ve outlined the doctors you should visit each year, including cost estimates for each visit. Of course, doctor prices and insurance coverage varies. Where possible, we’ve tried to provide you with lower-cost options for each of these check ups. But, again, you NEED health insurance!

The Doctor Visits You Should Have Regularly

These include:

1. Dental cleanings
2. Eye exams
3. Pap exams
4. Routine physicals
5. Blood pressure checks
6. Cholesterol checks.

We’ve included dental and eye care visits on our chart because your teeth and vision are important, even though they usually require additional insurance. We’ve found places for you to go for cheap eye exams, so you probably don’t need vision insurance unless you already have glasses or contacts. You should, however, have dental insurance. (After all, if you crack a tooth or get a cavity, you’ll be in the dog house!)

Remember, getting preventive care now will save you tons of money and stress in the future!

Here are the check ups you should receive regularly to stay in good health and get the most from your insurance plan:

*The price you’ll pay if you have insurance will vary widely by your insurance type.  Generally, you might have to pay a small amount at the time of the visit (a copayment). Other insurance plans will require that you pay the full amount until you’ve paid a set amount in total for the year (the deductible), at which point normal insurance care will kick in.


If You Don’t Have Health Insurance, Get It

Whether you take part in a health cooperative, fund your health savings account (HSA) or receive health insurance through an organization like the Freelancers Union, you need insurance.  If you’re looking for coverage, follow our checklist for landing health insurance.

So, have you made your appointments yet? Do it now!


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